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Is P90x the Next Acai

So Acai is getting harder to promote and merchants aren’t liking the rebills anymore so what are all the CPA marketers to do. Will The Answer Be P90x Only difference is that P90x has helped some friends of mine get into some serious shape. Crazy right. Plus it’s doing a huge 2010 media push which […]

What makes a good ad network?

I’ve been using banner ads on ad networks.  Some are great and some are just horrible. Here are my thoughts today, at this moment, and probably incomplete: Experiences I have liked: Getting a nice intro auto responder that was nice, gave me some tips for using there system and encouraged me to ask questions. Even […]

The Funniest FAKE Affiliate Offer

Cats For Gold This is just absolutely hilarious. I think it highlights pretty well the situation that is silly ass CPA offers. Even though if we could melt gold and make real live kitties that would be sorta awesome.