What makes a good ad network?

I’ve been using banner ads on ad networks.  Some are great and some are just horrible. Here are my thoughts today, at this moment, and probably incomplete:

Experiences I have liked:

  • Getting a nice intro auto responder that was nice, gave me some tips for using there system and encouraged me to ask questions.
  • Even better – Actually answering my email when I did get in touch. Thank you for that.

Experiences I haven’t liked:

  • Getting a 20% CTR on a contextual text ad and none of it converts on an offer that historically converted like gangbusters before. IE your traffic is crap or more than likely fake.
  • Telling me you will have your “campaign optimizers” look into the campaign. Then they adjust my campaign in which I then get NO MORE IMPRESSIONS. When I get back to you a week later you have no recollection of speaking with me and tell me that I need to just bid on more categories.
  • Not having an automated system. Do we really have to really solely on the old media buy system. I really don’t want to call on a rep and have a long drawn out process to run an ad on your network.

This isn’t all there is to a good and bad ad network. It’s just what I’ve been thinking lately. I’ll hopefully be writing more soon.

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