The Diet/Get Ripped Flogs Still Abound

It’s December 2nd and the diet/muscle man flogs are still in full force. I’m not going to link to them. If you don’t know what a flog is then you probably shouldn’t be reading this site.

There is one in particular that has done some huge media buys and is still going strong with some very large ad networks. Seemingly they don’t mind the flogs or maybe they were fooled also. Depending on their floggers interpretation of the FTC ruling I wouldn’t be worried either. If you think the worse you can get is a $13,000 fine or whatever it’s up to now then who would care. They guys are making more than that a day.

To me what is really interesting and what I think a lot of people can learn is that “bridge” pages often can work better than direct linking to an affiliate offer. In this case they promote two products saying that it’s the secret sauce. Good idea. So even if you lose a hypothetical 20% of conversions by not direct linking you can possibly make more (and I’m sure they are) by getting commissions on both. Congrats to them.

End the end it’s about affiliate advertisers, publishers, and networks ethics. Something I’ll try to write about in the coming weeks.

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