3 Keys to Building a Positive Cash Flow with Attorney Lead Generation

By following this basic business model, attorneys can successfully grow their firms and cash flow — even in the current market conditions. 1. Generate a steady stream of quality new client inquiries calling your law office with qualified attorney lead generation. For many attorneys, this can be a real challenge. In fact, it’s actually the […]

Notes 1 On Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions By Tim Ash

I’m going through this annd making some notes. I’ll be posting and twittering about it over the next few weeks especially with any thoughts of my own. If you are interested in following along you are welcome to do so. You can grab the book on amazon at the link and picture below: Landing Page […]

Adwords Management | 6 Keys to Lowering Conversion Costs

The 6 Keys to Adwords Management Success and a Lower Conversion Cost Getting The Right Keywords Landing Pages That Ruthlessly Convert Great Account Structure Ruling The Content Network Knowing and Tracking What Works Getting The Right Keywords I’m going to make a hard and fast rule for you right now. Only 10 keywords are to […]

Why I’m embracing The 50th Law

Recently I’ve been reading “The 50th Law” by Robert Greene and 50 Cent. Amazon non-affiliate link. While I do love Robert Greene’s books, I’m not historically a 50 Cent fan. Not so much that I don’t like 50 Cent but I just haven’t given him much thought as I don’t listen to his music and […]

What makes a good ad network?

I’ve been using banner ads on ad networks.  Some are great and some are just horrible. Here are my thoughts today, at this moment, and probably incomplete: Experiences I have liked: Getting a nice intro auto responder that was nice, gave me some tips for using there system and encouraged me to ask questions. Even […]

New FTC Rules Go Into Effect Dec 1

Was reminded of this when reading this post which is quoted below: Prepare your fake testimonials, flogs, farticles and other coined term landing pages for tomorrow! The FTC’s new guidelines on advertising (specifically more appointed towards bloggers, celebrity endorsements, reviews, testimonials, etc) goes in to effect and you’d be smart to follow the rules with […]

The Shady Side of Youtube Reputation Management

So you don’t like a video about you, your company or brand. How do you fix it? 1) Ask the person to take it down. Or 2) Now I do not advise you to do this as it against Youtube TOS and probably some other laws but I have scene this before. I repeat don’t […]

Online Lead Generation Explained

Video removed but below it is the transcription. Today, many people generate prospective consumer interest through Online Lead Generation. They are building email lists, E-newsletter lists, building out reward programs or for other member  programs, loyalty programs, and often inbound phone leads. A lead is usually an email submit or inbound phone call. Thus the […]

Top 3 Reasons to Have Affiliates Promote Your Product

1. In regards to the online marketing arena, they are better at it than you.  They can do more in less time than your or your in house marketing department could do.  2. You only pay them when they sell something.  It’s the easiest 100% commission sales force you’ll ever get. They don’t get paid until you […]

Get A Following By Getting Affiliates

This blog will recount my journey of connecting companies with a loyal armada of affilaites for their products. I run my own private affliate network. I allow people to work on their product will I empower a loyal army of affiliates to promote and sell their product for them. The army does what they never […]