3 Keys to Building a Positive Cash Flow with Attorney Lead Generation

By following this basic business model, attorneys can successfully grow their firms and cash flow — even in the current market conditions.

1. Generate a steady stream of quality new client inquiries calling your law office with qualified attorney lead generation.

For many attorneys, this can be a real challenge. In fact, it’s actually the easiest of the 3 key steps, if done right.

Instead of paying to market your firm yourself, or paying for search marketing which may damage your site or traditional attorney lead generation firms to generate client interest, opt to lease additional web properties already bringing in leads and calls.

2. Collect enough money from some of the new clients in the initial consult to pay for the leads

Firms using our attorney lead generation typically collect a fee from enough new clients to pay for all the qualified inquiries they receive each week.

3. Build up your receivables to generate a steady income stream

Regular payments from the growing client list acquired from your attorney lead generation become a steady stream of income for your firm. This revenue stream can pay for your firm’s overhead and even a solid cash flow to pay yourself. The only limit is in how many new clients you choose to accept for your firm.

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